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Extended Holiday Hours - Check Google Maps For Store Hours
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About Us

Fishs Eddy (Hamlet), New York
One day back in the 80’s we found ourselves driving through a small town upstate called Fishs Eddy.
Fishs Eddy, hmmmm, what an odd name, let’s borrow it for our new store!
The name seemed to stick, and so did our vision, launched by a lot of meandering and a big fortuitous discovery.
There in the sub-basements of New York City’s Bowery (also once known as the restaurant supply district) were endless unwanted dishes dating back to the 1900s!
These were more than just dishes, they were pieces of historical significance. So we excavated all of it-decorated and crested cups, creamers, gravy boats, bullion cups, butter, plates, and more.
Soon after, we started designing our own patterns on the same beautiful
”ware” we were finding-made in America, 100% vitrified, sturdy, durable, and made with LOVE from places like Buffalo, New York and Newell, West Virginia!
The End.
No.... it’s not! Big chunks of Fishs Eddy history is missing here! All the events, charities, collaborations, windows, making people happy, ticking some people off (sorryyyy 😬)
This is the extremely short version of how Fishs Eddy came to do dishes for 36 years in the greatest city in the world!